Our Story

Creative energy is like water, eventually it will move through anything, such a powerful force. We all have the ability to access this source, which resides deep within. I have felt this energy strongly for as long as I can remember, it has moved me in many directions. I would get lost for hours when I was younger, somewhere between my hand holding the pencil and the pencil touching the paper. It was in that space that I discovered a connection to something much greater. Eventually this energy moved me through my own walls to living my life from the centre of my creative source and in closer connection with all beings and with nature.

Through travelling to many places on this majestic earth, I learnt about many forms of ancient art. Discovering henna in India was the seed of a new creative venture for me. I travelled Australia in 2008 hennaing intricate body adorning designs at markets and stocking Health Food Stores, with a natural herbal hair colour range I created ‘The Henna Tree’. Working with henna lead me into learning more about other plants that give natural colours for dyeing and my creative energy flowed into creating textile artwork, which evolved henna art and the ancient natural plant dyeing process. Then my beautiful mother taught me how to make clothing patterns and gave me her old sewing machine, the same one that she taught me to sew on when I was little. I then began to turn wall art into wearable art. The Lalita Lotus clothing range was created in 2010.

I travelled to Indonesia years later with my growing belly. I knew becoming a mother meant some things would have to change. I was introduced to Sari through an old friend. We began to work together. I continue to design the garments, they are then ethically stitched by Sari and her staff. Sari’s sewers are treated well and work happily in a clean and peaceful environment. Each time I visit to work on a new range, I am greeted with the same lovely smiling faces, year after year.

Each garment is then naturally dyed individually by hand, by me, in Australia. A few leaves are also placed by my divine little wildling. The print on each garment is unique, resembling the beauty of nature.

Inspired by this earth and its abundant gifts. I believe in living close to the earth and being part of its magical cycles, joining hands to create sustainable and earth friendly clothing and products.